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Premium Lab Assessment

The Premium Lab Assessment is a true and precise tool for companies to assess possible new candidates true abilities and to accurately pin point their current staff training requirements. Therefore enhancing their skill levels and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their staff. Making your company a more productive and advanced environment.

It simulates a real life scenario penetration test that IT security specialists would conduct on companies IT security systems, these could include websites, network infrastructure, databases, third party applications etc, looking for various security vulnerabilities.

During the candidate’s/staff members 24 hour penetration assessment, they will be required to submit all of their findings into the Exploitable Labs reporting server. Their vulnerability findings will be assessed and presented in the candidate’s skill’s report.

The candidate’s skill’s report contains an executive summary detailing their skill set and is directed at CEO’s, HR Managers and IT Security Managers. It gives a detailed breakdown of all the findings that the candidate/staff member has obtained. From all this information we graph the results, so it is easy to view and understand. This report details their current level of skill to assist in their future hiring or current employment and gives employers the knowledge that allows them to further develop their IT security penetration skills.

Exploitable Labs is here to make your candidate choice seamless and at the same time give you the confidence that you have an accurate understanding of what a candidate’s true skills are to perform a professional security assessment. Exploitable Labs assist you to perform at a high standard by pin pointing exactly where your staff require further training.

In the Premium Lab Assessment companies can purchase multiple assessments that can be used within a 12 month period. In that 12 month period you can schedule to use the lab assessments whenever you want to assess your employees skill levels for staff training purposes or to compare candidates when hiring new staff.

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