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Exploitable Labs is the perfect place for individuals wanting to enter into the penetration testing field or for companies wanting to assess possible new candidates and current employees. It allows them to practice, further develop and improve their current skills or learn new skills.

We use a professional penetration assessment based on a fictitious corporate network, in a set amount of time, with a security testing scope that has been designed specifically for your real world assessment.

The 24 hour realistic assessment will challenge individuals at a real world level. It will take you on 24 hours of mind bending network and web assessment. This is your opportunity to put your penetration skills to the test in a safe simulated real environment.

The Premium Lab is a true and precise tool for companies to assess possible new candidates true abilities and to accurately pin point their current staff training requirements. Therefore enhancing their skill levels and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their staff. Making your company a more productive and advanced environment.

During all of the lab penetration assessments, the participant will be required to submit all of their findings into the Exploitable Labs reporting server. Their vulnerability findings will be assessed and presented in the candidate’s executive report.

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