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About Exploitable Labs

Exploitable Labs wins the much contested SC Magazine Innovation Award for 2013.

The concept behind ‘Exploitable Labs’ is to simulate real world corporate networks in virtual environments. These simulated networks are based on real life assessments that we have participated in over a number of years as professional penetration testers.

Exploitable Labs is the perfect place for individuals wanting to enter into the penetration testing field or for companies wanting to assess possible new candidates and current employees. It allows them to practice, further develop and improve their current skills or learn new skills using a professional penetration assessment based on a fictitious corporate network, in a set amount of time, with a security testing scope that has been custom designed specifically for your real world virtual lab.

After several years of interviewing potential candidates for security roles, we have found that many candidates do not have a genuine understanding of what is required in a penetration testing role and recruitment agencies do not have an accurate tool to assess a candidates true abilities and skill level to conduct a real penetration test.

During your penetration assessment, you will be required to submit all your findings into the Exploitable Labs reporting server. The vulnerabilities discovered will be presented in a candidate’s skill’s report.

Exploitable Labs is here to facilitate individuals to move into the penetration testing field with the appropriate skills. It enables companies to pinpoint staff training requirements and to make a companies candidate choice seamless and at the same time give you the confidence that you have an accurate understanding of what a true candidates skills are to perform a professional security assessment.

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